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Beyond Islam and Muslim Bashing

Beyond Islam and Muslim Bashing

Australian Virgin (Muslim)

She was the member of former Prime Minister John Howard's Muslim Community Reference Group. “Honest John” has chosen Iktimal due to her intelligence and integrity I suppose! In reality, her selection was similar to Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, and “the messiah of women” Norma Khouri by the corporate media outlets and states as “true and honest representatives” of Muslims around the world.

Further to Australian Reporter, Islam and Muslim Bashing, David Oldfield to Jim Ball, Crime Genes + Incest + Bastards = Australia, The Barrister and the Board of Director, Irrational Animal Lovers, Jihad to Bolidan, 72 Virgins to Nothing, Good Australian Muslims and Islam Watch Watch Australian media outlets love Iktimal to derail local young Muslims and their values. Would you believe such practices and policies are in line with Australian Values in this Lucky Country

I have been observing the Iktimal Hage-Ali saga and gained an impression that;
1. To be a good Muslim one must drop his/her trouser.
2. To be a good Muslim one must drink alcohol.
3. To be a good Muslim one must one must sniff heroin and
4. To be a good Muslim one must snort cocaine and so on.
To make it more palatable, she admitted in a Sydney Court to day that she is a regular cocaine user but she is not an addict! One must wonder, isn’t it like having regular sex to maintain virginity?

Faruque Ahmed
Free Australia Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email: Sources: Former Young Australian candidate Iktimal Hage-Ali admits cocaine use, sues state , I'm not ashamed of using cocaine, Iktimal Hage-Ali

Islam and Muslim Bashing

Islam and Muslim bashing is the most popular sport in town. People who conspired to murder Jesus are the same people who never recognize him. Yet, they are claiming the protection of mythical and farcical “Judeio-Christianity”. However, people who recognise Jesus and never did anything wrong to him are subject to witch hunt lately. Misguided attacks of this nature against Muslims are based on totally false and fabricated reason and ground.

No one is attacking anyone’s religion or culture here. Yet, some sick people have been attacking Islam and Muslims with false, baseless and twisted materials! Most of these ill-motivated articles are made in Israel or pedophile networks of a religion. This year alone 12 000 priests of that religion were accused of sexually molesting their own parishioners and children in USA alone!

Free America Now is a popular group with secular nature and most of us are not keen to attack anyone’s religion or racial sensibilities. So, please hold your temptation and refrain from racism and sectarianism.

Faruque Ahmed
Free America Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

David Oldfield to Jim Ball

Further to David Oldfield and Jim Ball, 2UE became the lowest rating radio recently. Luckily for 2UE they hired Jim Ball to increase their ratings because Arab and Muslim bashing is the most popular sport in town. Thoroughly zionised and bigoted Jim is good at Arab and Muslim bashing under the guise of free speech. However, that so called free speech goes to hell should anyone point out Zio_Nazi war crimes and the genocide continuum in the longest running concentration camp known to mankind. Probably that’s why all of you are scared like a poodle and never say a word about those issues. Anyway, I was compelled to send the David Oldfield email to you earlier. Since then we spoke and you have shown enough respect towards my point of view or I noticed that you are trying to improve your understanding. Lately, you are ignoring my phone calls as well as you are saying many prejudicial things on air. Therefore, I smell a rat and decided to forward this email to you.

Proverbs say, “a person who does not know his/her father – does not talk to others”. This could apply to you and Jim Ball as both of you do hide behind telephonist and four walls and then incite racism and sectarianism based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

For example, Muslims are not attacking Christian or Jewish fathers for molesting their own children. No one criticised non-Muslims for having too many drug addict children, derailed prostitutes or the many sunk in the ocean dysfunctional families and many other dreadful things.

Now, why do you have to continue your cowardly attacks without providing a right of reply as demonstrated many times like tonight! Lately, no one answers the phone when I ring your switch using my own phone. However, when I use other people’s phone, your people pick up the phone quickly and with courtesy! Strange indeed!! Isn’t it?

Faruque Ahmed
Free America Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

Historical links:
Radio Terrorists incited this violence
Christian and Muslim bashing may be permitted in Australia
Twisted free speech in Australia
Faruque’s victory vanished with Radio Terrorists

Israel Centric Sydney University's School of Government's Support of Terrorism

Politics of Oil was today's Politics in the Pub lecture. Diarmuid Maguire of secretive and evasive School of Government, Sydney University delivered a carefully concealed pro-American history of oil. Stuart White of University Of Technology was much more open and fair. Nonetheless no one managed to ignore the truth.

I also took the podium and said, "oil is more valuable than gold. We need it and it affects us all. The sad part is the media outlets are gutless and complaisant about this issue. Even we public are lacking courage to talk about it freely. You see, a few weeks ago a deputy Prime Minister of a terrorist state said, "we got no choice but to nuke Iran" and the oil price went up to $US150.00. Later the price came down a bit. However, the CIA released pictures of Possible Israeli practice run to nuke Iran and the oil price jumped again. To cut the story short, some one broadcasted pictures of Iranian test fire of long range missiles. Again, the price jumped to the roof. So, my question is, who gave the power to this Zionist state to terrorise rest of the world and why we are so gutless about it?" The crowed applauded me.

Stuart White was scared to say a word, possibly to save his job. However, Diarmuid Maguire of the secretive and evasive School of Government continued his blatant Israel centric policy. He said, "if I were an Israeli citizen or general then I would be scared of Iranian nuclear power plant as an alternative source of energy because one day they MAY convert it to a nuclear bomb. … " The crowed was shocked and asked a few more question to virtually back me up but found more bleak answers.

Faruque Ahmed
Free Australia Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

Free America Now and Barak Obama

Further to Free America Now, people of America have been sacrificing their lives and limbs for other peoples' wars. They are sick and tired of lies and deception. Now, they stood up against un-American Americans beyond boundaries of sex, race and religion; and we salute them.

We like to see a FREE American media outlets reporting truthfully and accurately outside the stranglehold of the Zionised corporations and other shadowy institutions.

All human beings are equal under the law and no countries are above the law as well as a desire to cherish all humane values expressed by Baarak Obama at his Brandenburg Speech ought to be respected.

Violence breeds violence and no one is sanctimonious than others. No one got the monopoly of moral and decency. We oppose violence. Be that initiated by an individual, group or a state.

Let's make a society based on mutual respect, love and humanity. Let's reject the culture of arrogance, ignorance, racism and sectarianism.

Faruque Ahmed
Free Australia Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

Australia is located at the Arse end of the world and many of us think we are the lord because the whole world considers us as some kinds of power or something. We don’t have too many real journalists apart from a lot of vicious spin doctors and shock jocks. Many of those spin doctors and shock jocks could be classified as zio-nazis and they hate Barak Obama! They also hide behind telephone operators and four walls.

These misguided lots have been attacking Obama since day one. Probably, these people do not know their father(s) and they refuse to debate any issues with anyone who got guts and knowledge.

John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia said, “an Obama victory will be a victory of terrorism. The closet racist Kevin Rudd, the current Prime Minister of Australia is more Zionist than the last one! He shook hands with John McCain and Hillary Clinton during his last visit to USA. Would you believe he did not shake hand with Obama. He only spoke to him over the phone!

One must wonder how many Michigan Militia equivalent of Australia would borrow guns from John Howard to hunt Obama?

Faruque Ahmed
Free Australia Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:
Source: Ayaan Hirshi Ali

A totally non political cabbie was driving his precious cargo, an Australian politician. During this trip both of them were listening false and fabricated ABC news concerning Iraq. The news reader said, “Iraq is getting peaceful”.Politician: He is right.Cabbie: Will you go for a holiday in Iraq with your family?Politician: Why should I?Cabbie: To prove Iraq is peaceful.Politician: Drop me here please?Cabbie: O.K. You don’t have to pay me anything, just go and have a good life.

The Cabbie picked up the well built and possibly steroid rich soldier from the red-light district of Sydney’s Kings Cross. He must have good time with the fun girls of Kings X. Now he is going to the nearest army base worth of $120.00 taxi fare.On the way discussion continued;Cabbie: You must be soldier?Soldier: Yup.Cabbie: Afghanistan?Soldier: You got it.Cabbie: How is Afghanistan?Soldier: Good.Cabbie: What do you mean?Soldier: You see, I paid all my bills, bought a brand new four wheel drive totally cash, I got no worry.Cabbie: I see. Are you worried about the Talaban?Soldier: We kick their arses, they don’t come near Australians; we beat them hard.Cabbie: I thought the Americans are uncivilized and uncultured barbarians, they shoot anyone for any number of reasons. I never heard Australians are ugly like the Yanks! Soldier: What?Cabbie: How can you beat them? They are too many!?Soldier: We got the bigger and better guns, tanks, helicopters and planes.Cabbie: So you are wining the war. Yet, after almost eight years things are getting worse in Afghanistan!Soldier: No mate, I am just doing a job and it is up to the government. Cabbie: So, you are invading other peoples’ country, beating the people who did nothing against you or your country and you don’t worry about ‘karma’?Soldier: No mate, we can do it, we Aussies are the best. Did you say ‘KARMA’ (with a scary voice)?Cabbie: Here we go mate, we are at home.Soldier: You have screwed me up buddy. Do you think I am guilty?

Further to David Oldfield and Jim Ball, on Monday night (Monday, October 20, 2008, the notorious Channel Seven’s tabloid show Today Tonight aired an unbalanced story about taxi drivers. The main tone of the story was – all taxi drivers are bad, especially the migrant drivers are guilty of almost everything. They did not bother to ask the Minister for Transport for failing to ensure the quality control and quality assurance of the Taxi Industry.
The following day a passenger got into a taxi cab near Redfern and roared at the cabbie, “do you know where is Castlecraig”? (He did so because of the driver’s look and possibly race)The driver was quiet.
The middle aged, well build and bold passenger yelled again, “if you don’t I’ll get out here”.The furious cabbie maintained his cool with confidence while he was driving the cab with dignity.
Passenger: You have not answered my question.
Cabbie: I have not heard any valid question. On the contrary you are yelling at me.
Passenger: Nonetheless I have asked you a question.
Cabbie: Your alleged question is not a qualified question and even if you call it a question of kind then it generates further question like do you yell at your doctor and demand his/her medical credential before allowing him/her to examine your body?
Passenger: But, you are a taxi driver.
Cabbie: Oh, I am too small and therefore anyone can abuse me, insult me and attack me, correct?The wealthy passenger went quiet and they have a very few exchange on the way.
However, due to the confidence and style of the driver the passenger started to call him ‘boss’, ’chief” etc. etc.
So they went to Castlecraig and picked up his son and then to some other place while the cold war continued.
At the final destination, the passenger paid $50.00. The drive made sure he is safe by locking the central locking and said, “sir can I ask you a question”?
The passenger: What is it?
Cabbie: Some one told me, “Crime Genes + Incest + Bastards = Australia ”! is it true?
The angry passenger: O.K. we got crime genes because of hunger crime at the beginning but how do you find incest?
The cabbie explained: After the first fleet, the men went wild and virtually did everything. So, on order to maintain order in the society they have been harvesting girls of many age including 10 and 11 from England. On the way a few of them died. However, 20 girls out of 200 became pregnant on the ship, possibly by the doctor. Therefore 10% of the population was bastard and they had no choice but to foster incest, correct? Finally, playing the race card is not a good idea, isn’t it?
The angry passenger looked at the drivers like a dead soldier who wanted to kill his opponent but he could not do so because his head is separated from his own body.

Racial Supremacy
After a night out they were taking a mickey out of a cabbie, “why do you use left hand to clean your arse”?
Cabbie: What do you do, use toilet paper?
Passengers: Yes.
Cabbie: We use left hand and water when you finish with the toilet paper. Therefore you know very well who is cleaner!Impatient
passengers: Why do you use your hand to eat food?
Cabbie: Do you want to use my leg?
Impatient passengers: No, you can use cutlery.
Cabbie: Why are you so afraid of your own hand?
Impatient passengers: Your hands may not be clean enough and may be full of germs!
Cabbie: It is convenient, comfortable and practical to use clean hand to avoid wasting food and enjoy the total taste of any food which may contain bones with difficult twist and turn. Beside, should one fail to maintain a clean hand should not have to have a hand in the first place!

Four middle aged women were having a long lunch and babbling about their cultural superiority in a taxi cab. The smart cabbie had enough of their ear bashing and politely asked, “how the hell your culture is superior than Asian culture”? Four of them jumped on him.Cabbie: Tell me, “who taught you how to use ‘Sabon’ (soap)? Who encouraged you to have a shower? Isn’t it true that some European kings ordered to behead anyone for daring to have a shower? How frequently the Europeans used to change their bed sheets? Once in every two years? Isn’t it the Arabs and Muslims taught you about many good things of life including a few ones I just mentioned? They argued vehemently and eventually found out the cabbie was right. The cabbie finally said, “forget about cultural superiority and have a good time without prejudice and bigotry. You will discover that the life is beautiful.

Two well dressed and good looking middle aged women vented their new found wealth of knowledge based on infamous Norma Khoury’s fraudulent work known as “Forbidden Love”. They said, “do you know the Arabs and Muslims disrespect their mothers, bash their wives and torture their daughters”?!
The knowledgeable cabbie facetiously responded, “where are you going” (implying forget about your prejudice and bigotry based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds to incite against the Arabs and Muslims?).The overconfident passengers responded, “he does not know and care”.The taxi driver roared, “the dog, women, and the walnut tree – beat them up – better to be”.
The Barrister jumped, “I am a Barrister and you want to beat me up”?The driver replied, “Barristers are not immune from stupidity and someone should ‘chabook’ your bare buttock”. The other passenger yelled, “my mother is a holocaust survivor”.The cabbie went on to say, “you and your mother must volunteer yourselves to the nearest gas chamber because it is long over due”. He also added, “any women dare to criticise Islam based on blatantly deliberate prejudice and bigotry must be stoned to death”.
The dogfight ensued.
The taxi driver responded;
1. Your anti-Arab and anti-Muslim prejudice and bigotry is based on infamous Norma Khoury’s notorious Forbidden Love is horrendous.
2. Based on that ugly piece of work mentioned above, millions of stories/reports were written, movies/documentaries were made to vilify Muslims and Arabs. Now you are trying to educate me with your ill-gotten wealth of knowledge is just wrong.
3. The Muslims used to protect ungrateful Jews like you throughout history and you lot are repaying them according to the well-known and infamous Jewish way based on your deliberate and shameless prejudice and bigotry and thereby paving your way to the gas chamber.
4. In India they used to burn women alive, the Europeans used to torture and kill women for a variety of reasons including witch hunt and people of many other parts of the world used to bury their own baby daughters live. It was the prophet Muhammad whom you despise ordered to stop these barbaric practices and saved women, as well as ensured women’s rights contrary to your false and vindictive claims based on dogmatic propaganda made in Israel.

The little corner shop at Canterbury Road near Terrace Road at Dulwich Hill is the source of prejudice, bigotry and ignorance indeed. They also have a 90% unused Internet Café which is not user friendly at all.The old man, the father thinks he is the only Muslim around and nobody else will enter in to heaven. The bald headed son has got an attitude too. My good friend Faruque Ahmed is a balanced and secular Muslim person. Yet, he had a totally unnecessary and unfortunate encounter with him.Upon a short inquiry, I discovered this rude and arrogant family run corner shop is a brilliant example of a source of The Shame of Muslim and Arabs.

Source: Mukto_Mona

The other day, an academic friend of Faruque telephoned and asked him to go to a particular place at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Because of their friendship and interest Faruque complied.

It was a talkfest to stop the war in Afghanistan. A well experienced NGO doctor delivered his speech and an award winning Australian journalist also presented her documentary regarding Afghanistan. Both of them established the following:
The barbaric Americans kick the doors in Afghanistan instead of knocking them,
The barbaric Americans use unnecessary torture and violence including producing drugs,
The barbaric Americans excrement in the Mosques and poke fun out of local cultural sensibilities and
Because of their rude and offensive behavior they are going to be beaten in Afghanistan.

Many well meaning speakers joined the discussion. Faruuqe was raising his hands. However, the Democratic Socialist Party’s Pip who was chairing the meeting blatantly ignored him. Both Faruque and Pip are known to each other and friendly to each other too. Funny enough, Faruque was sitting at the front raw with a touching distance!

Faruque is a well-known activist and good speaker. Pip’s obvious censorship made many people unhappy. At one stage Faruque took the stage and started,
“Right now, I don’t want to argue – why the WW1 started. I am sure most of us would agree to the fact, the WW2 was due to the unfinished business of WW1. The harsh and unjust Treaty of Versailles gave rise of Adolph Hitler and Nazi followers in Europe. At the end of WW2 no one rushed for The Treaty of Versailles or Martial Law. They went for Marshall Plan and elevated misery and misfortunes of the population. Thus in a way, now Europe got a peace base economy and society.
Have they done the same in Afghanistan, Iraq or Palestine? Certainly not! The upshot is, the Western double standard and hypocrisy is paramount to everyone, and now almost everyone is anti-Western including former pro-Westerns.
Undoubtedly, no one other than the Zionised Western governments are responsible for this mess in the region. Therefore, please do not blame any race or religion for this man made disaster. Please remove sex, race and religion from the equation.
To add salt to the wound, the barbaric Americans have been bombing mosques, schools, wedding and funeral ceremonies and saying ‘we have killed x number of Talebans and so on’. In almost all of those occasions, independent observers found – most of the people killed in those strikes are women and children, NOT Talebans.
By the way, historically speaking, who the hell we think we are? What kinds of White Supremacists are we? Who gave us the right to tell others what to do and not to do, when and how? Why can’t we get out of Afghanistan and let them run their own country without corrupt western corporate government interference?”

The crowed cheered Faruque including Pip. Many people came to Faruque after the speech and had some respectful exchanges. Surprise! Surprise!! Pip too was having a few good conversations with him like old chum.

I say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Source: Vinnomot Hypocrites

Australian Reporter

On Monday (November 03, 2008) she was delivering her second or third hand report concerning an Iranian girl’s mistreatment by her own family to Sydney’s Nazi Shock Jock Jim Ball of radio 2UWe. 2UE used to be the number one radio station in Sydney. However, their star recruit, the alleged child molester Alan Jones went to 2 GB and now they managed to increase ratings of 2GB by inciting against Arabs and Muslims. To your amazement, 2UE is also following Alan Jones’s style.

However, Jim Ball is very good at concocting stories against Arabs and Muslims and Australian law sanctions prejudice and bigotry with open arms.

Would you believe the “reporter” in question is an abject failure! Her own husband abandoned her longtime ago and now she is a “coin and sperm collector”. Even her own so called father abandoned her own mother and she hates him too. But hang on, her own 20 years old daughter is a drug addict and full of miserable stories. Yet people like her got the audacity to give lecture to others based on three generations of failure, prejudice and bigotry because she must be superior than others!
Australian values are based on denial and concoction. The following reasons are good enough for substantiation:

1. We say, "Australia was discovered (like invented) and we made it habitable and therefore it was not inhabited (by any civilized people) before".
2. We maintain, "We did not murder Aboriginals". In reality, "We have eliminated undesirable elements to ensure ongoing stability and strength of the society".
3. We vehemently deny, "We've raped Aboriginals". The fact of the matter is, "We have provided required sexual pleasures to those savages in order to promote love and harmony in the society".
4. We can assure you, "We haven't stolen Aboriginal children". The undeniable fact is, "We simply went through tremendous amount of difficulties and endured a significant amount of sacrifices to promote integration".
Therefore our national strength and morality are based on the most fundamental level of denial and concoction.

Source: Muslim Village, Australian Values, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Free Australia Now

Self-harm, suicide, etc. are neither confined within the boundaries of any particular sex, race, religion nor teachings of any of the above groups. Yet, we have been putting up with the evil of suicide. To be precise and specific, Australia is a fairly affluent society. We do have many research, analysis, support mechanisms and early warning systems to combat this disease.
Yet, far too many young peoples are committing suicide in many ways. Sadly, a bad number of older peoples are murdering their own children, partners and then themselves. Who should be blamed for these tragedies? The drinking water system, religion, social justice, political parties or educational system?
In light of the London Suicide attacks and "Mossad" inspired Lakamba bookshop incident - it is fair and proper to say, "let's try to understand these problems so that we can genuinely make a few attempts to address them rather than pointing finger at each other.
However, Murdochian media and Sydney's hate machine radio 2GB have been inciting against Aboriginals, migrants, Arabs and Muslims for a long time. They have been doing so without any rights of reply as well as based on not true, untrue or even false premises. Their incitements and vilifications appear to be deliberate and calculated to cause injury to a target group of their selection.
Therefore it should be pointed out that, historically, Jews used to launch suicide terrorist attacks against the Romans. The second Muslim Caliph Omar was the victim of non-Muslim suicide terrorist attackers. Modern day terrorism was introduced in the Middle East by the Jews and since then Israeli/Zionist terrorism appearing and affecting in many places in many formats. Surely, sometime their victims are hitting back and getting reported in a magnifying scale. Attack of those kinds got nothing to do with religion and they may have a lot to do with politics or any other underlying causes.
Ironically, most of the effective and deadly suicide terrorist attacks were committed by the non-religious groups or secular groups like the Tamil Tigers, Etc.! One President and a Prime Minister are in their victims list. Certainly, they were not from Hindu, Muslim or Christian groups. Therefore a fair and proper analysis of the above subject is a must rather than deliberate Muslim bashings. Because, people will find out the real truth and those leaders who are pretending to lead us without listening to us, and they will be exposed along with their `plan' to protect us by locking us up inside.

Australia is a lucky country. God gave us plenty. Natural and mineral resources are bountiful. Australia is an island continent with a population of a town only! We are rich. No one does anything wrong here. No one even farts! That's why we do not have a "Fart Tax" like New Zealand.
You see, family violence, bag snatching, drunken and disorderly behaviors come from Aboriginals. Asian migrants and other boat peoples imported many crimes like bank robbery, mass murder, prostitutions, etc. Crimes like drug running and gang rapes of our women introduced by the Lebanese gangs and specifically Muslim Lebanese gangs!
Ned Kelly, Alan Bond, Christopher Skase, Laurie Connell, Neville W, Abe Saffron, and his deputy James Anderson, Lennie McPherson (even Elle??) Roger Rogerson, Jo Bjelke Petersen, Mad Dog Cox, etc. etc. were not Aboriginals!
The colorful Kings X identity Billy Bayer, convicted drug dealer Michael Kenan, executed drug dealer Denny Keram were not Lebanese Muslims!!
The Stratified Plaza massacre villain John Wade Frankham, Port Arthur massacre villain Martin Bryant, Ivan Millat and many more personalities are also not Asians.
Even convicted "Israelites" like Renai Revkin, Jodie Rich, Rodney Adler, Ray Williams, Steve Vizard, …. And waiting to be convicted Reg Kermode, Graham Richardson … are neither Muslims nor Asians!!!
Anita Cobby, Jenin Boldings, etc. etc villains are also not Lebanese Muslims! Do I have to add more? I can add more. But, for now, I am leaving it for you.
By the way, does this Andrew Fraser got any qualification on Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Genealogy or any other subject that makes him qualified to talk about subjects he is talking to and thereby incite racism?
However, I am qualified enough to say the following;
1.Attack and abuse on taxi drivers and other vulnerable goes up when likes of Andrew Fraser pops up,
2. Attack and abuse on workers goes up when likes of Rivken and Kermodes of the world introduce their new blood sucking ventures.
You see, last night one mid twenty's female fare evading passenger of mine told me;
1."I am white and born in Australia, you are not and therefore I am batter than you,
2. I can speak better English than you, …. ."
She also threatened to call the police. Unfortunately, when I drove her almost near the Police Station she disappeared in the traffic.

Yahoo Question (article similar to this one was removed by the American Terrorists who would like to export democracy and free speech by guns and bullets as well as raping and prowling other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan)

Amongst the following links Islam Watch Watch, Good Australian Muslims, Irrational Animal Lovers, Jihad to Bolidan, 72 Virgins to Nothing, Jihad to Bolidan and Vulnerable USA; the later two (Jihad to Bolidan and Vulnerable USA) were removed from Yahoo questions and answers because they "promote terrorism"!?

The Americans are dying like useless dogs and they will loose in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Egypt and Jordan like Vietnam because they refuse to accept the truth. The Zionised corporate American media and government would like to stop sunlight with their little fingers! What pathetic bunch of losers with no guts and glory. They are disgusting indeed.

72 virgins wait for any Muslim or even Arab who commit suicide. However, no one waits for non-Muslims!! Therefore the question is, "why non-Muslims commit suicide"?

According to the ever-growing myth, the Australian Government is obliged to provide 144 000 virgins for 2000 Australian citizens who have committed suicide last year alone! However the United Nations is not providing (80 000 X 72 = how many virgins?) virgins to 80 000 farmers of the world who have committed suicide in the year 2007 too!! Legend says most of these farmers are neither Muslims nor religious!!!

Nonetheless, the US President George Bush saluted the Jews of Masada who have murdered their own children and then committed suicide to avoid capture by the Romans as "pure Jews"!

However, when a Palestinian kid finds his/her;
1.Mother was murdered by the Zionist bomb,
2.Father was gunned down by the Israeli terrorists,
3.Sister was dishonored by the Jewish criminals and
4.Life is empty and hopeless.

In desperation, if this Palestinian kid threw his/her body against all of those injustices and barbaric crimes; some good people in the "west" love to find 72 virgins and many cruel comments like Nazi-Zionists/Israelis/"Jews".

One must wonder how the hell prejudice, bigotry, double slandered and hypocrisy mentioned above growing every year?!

Jihad, crusade, and bolidan carry same weight, meaning and intention in Islam, Christianity and Hindu religions respectively. The application or misuse of jihad, crusade, and bolidan can be traced thorough out history. However jihad is the most feared word in our century! Do we know why?

To protect one's family and country one can fight and die honorably according to the principle and procedure of jihad, crusade, and bolidan. However no one is allowed to use jihad, crusade, and bolidan to rob or rape anyone and invade/pillage other people's countries. For example, the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq is not a crusade. Similarly, invasion of Afghanistan based on the corporate American pipeline dream is not a crusade too.

Irrational Animal Lovers

Men and women who lost trust and interest in fellow human beings are madly in love with animals. Generally speaking they are self centered, selfish and hypocritical in nature while they deny them all together.

Surely, they provide some food and shelter to these animals to buy loyalty from them and ensure their usage for their own narrow benefit. Yet, they deny them their natural rights like sex and other opportunities.

Irrational Animal Lovers, you are not better than others because you have pet(s).

Further to Irrational Animal Lovers, no one has to kiss a dog or pig as suggested by some shock jocks here recently.

Should anyone wish to kiss dogs or pigs then they can go ahead and make their day without lecturing others or suggesting who to kiss, when and how. Because such dribbles are derived from naked racism, communalism and sectarianism. Most importantly, their suggestions are lacking any logic or foundation whatsoever.

Further to disappearing Palestine, 60 years of Al Nakba (catastrophe), gradual ethnic cleansing, A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel", Israeli Holocaust, Holocaust continuum, The Iron Wall, Jews plan to suppress ideas THEY hate and Middle East Formula for Peace they needed a 9/11 of 2001 (similar to 9/11 of 1967) to cover up their crime waves continuum and millions more compelling reasons and grounds should stimulate everyone to address Israeli war crimes and genocides!

Remember up to 1896 the Hindus used to burn their wives (not Muslims) and the Christians used to practice Witch-hunt. Through out the history, many people around the globe used to burry their baby daughters alive for a variety of reasons. Only the Prophet you people despise passionately encouraged everyone to stop such practice and eventually made it illegal. Yet, you people are deliberately inciting prejudice and bigotry against Muslims based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds. However, you are amazingly SILENT about all other inhumane issues suppressing most human beings including women. Most of the time one can trace your connection and support from a number of Zionist groups.

Therefore, one can conclude, people like you are not fair and honest. Most importantly, you are a part of Zionist and Zionised diversion machine.

--- On Fri, 12/9/08, Islam Watch wrote:
From: Islam Watch Subject: Re: why 99.99% people of the world reject JudaismTo: union_faruque@...Received: Friday, 12 September, 2008, 11:55 AM

Hi, if you have read our mission statement, you wouldn't send this query to us. It is a nontheistic site. To us, every religion is simply false. Doing a camparative study is a waste of time for us.
MA Khan

Further to Observation of Islam I came across your Mission Statement and I would like to ask you to compare and analyse:
1. Hindu Religion,
2. Sikh Religion,
3. Buddhist Religion,
4. Jewish Religion and
5. Islam.

Failure to do so would lead us to believe, "you are not fair and impartial". Most importantly, your Mission Statement is stimulating us to conclude, "you may be another Zionist set-up or pied piper only".

Please do not forget to let us know, "why 99.99% people of the world reject Judaism"? Is it because of Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion and Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Civilised Society?

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